The Hoornse Taxi Centarale is the best partner for a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi.
We’ve been guiding clients who need a wheelchair to the full satisfaction for years now.

We bring our clients to:

  • Day care
  • School
  • Work
  • Leisure, business and outings
  • Airport, holiday address
  • Hospital, doctor and dentist

Are you looking for:

  • An expert, skilled driver
  • A safe and comfortable car, with ISO10542 certification mark
  • Flexibility of our side, because your appointments can be delayed
  • A ride where you centered
    Then we want to hear from you!

All our employees are in possession of a first aid certificate. So you can count on a proper guidance.
If you are traveling with a guide dog or assistance dog, please mention this when booking.

Book you taxi at least 24 hours in advance.
Do your wish to use our service within 24 hours? Please call us direct on: 0229-242444.

We stand for safe and prompt taxi transport against a sharp and clear price.