When you book a taxi, you want to be ensured of a smooth ride from A to B, for a reasonable price. The Hoornse Taxi Centrale can offer you that. You can book online or by phone and you will receive the confirmation of your ride(s) with a price indication quickly.

On the appointed date and time we will come to pick you up and bring you, without detours, in a very comfortable, clean car, to your destination. Our experienced, certified drivers will help you, where needed, with your luggage and getting in and out.

Our taxis are, among other things, used for:

  • Management transport, business transport
  • Private transport, individual transport
  • Transport to/from various train stations
  • Transport to/from hospital or care institute
  • Night life public
  • School transport
  • Funeral transport

With us you will always travel private and directly to your destination. You will not do ‘a detour through the region’. Only at your request we will combine rides.

Book your taxi online or by phone at least 24 hours in advance.
Do your wish to use our service within 24 hours? Please call us direct on: +31(0)229-242444.

We stand for safe and prompt taxi transport against a sharp and clear price.